Toroa Aperahama Maori- und Haka-Tanz

Toroa Aperahama – Maori und Haka-Tanz

Kaiwhakaiiro/Traditional Maori Carver (Jade/stone, bone, wood). Also hosting Haka workshops, composing Haka for other cultures.

Racial tolerance and racial inclusiveness

Racial tolerance, racial inclusiveness. Sharing my traditions to reconnect one with one’s own indigenous culture. Going back far enough in time/history to when we were ALL one, no matter the culture, language, skin colour.

+ Becoming one again, in peace and love, which is so easy to achieve but at the same time the hardest thing to do as a species.

Schau‘ dir hier das Interview mit Toroa Aperahama an (freigeschaltet für Hüter- und Botschafter-Paket):

Toroa Aperahama Maori und Haka Tanz

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My work

Hosting workshops about my culture’s history and traditions and to live in harmony with the land and oceans environmentally and sustainably. Also hosting Haka workshops, composing Haka for other cultures and ultimately being performed by the different races/cultures in their own native tongue as Battle Cry (Holland) and Kraftdans (Germany) therefore giving these cultures something they can claim as their own. Haka is mine (Maori), Battle Cry is Dutch, Kraftdans is German. The concept belongs to no one.



Kaua e mate Wheke, mate Ururoa (Don’t die like an octopus, die like a hammerhead shark) Meaning…no matter what challenges life throws at you, fight, fight til you break through to the otherside, like a hammerhead shark DON’T GIVE UP…

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